The blood to the upper limb is supplied by 4 major arteries: axillary, brachial, radial, and ulnar.

The axillary is the continuation of subclavian artery. At the lower border of the teres major muscle its name is altered to brachial artery. The brachial artery continues down the arm and just distal to the elbow joint, it splits into radial and ulnar arteries, which follow the bones, following which they are named. In the hand, radial artery ends by forming the deep palmar arch and ulnar artery terminates by creating the superficial palmar arch.

  • The axillary artery supplies the shoulder region.
  • The brachial artery supplies the anterior and posterior compartments of the arm.
  • The radial and ulnar arteries supply the lateral and medial parts of the forearm, respectively.