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Anterior Scalene Muscle (Scalenus Anterior)

By | 2018-03-07T05:36:55+00:00 February 26th, 2018|Anatomy, Muscles, Upper Limb|

Anterior scalene muscle a.k.a. Scalenus anterior is most superficial among scalene muscles and is located deep towards sternocleidomastoid muscle. It is situated in the middle of the subclavian vein and the subclavian artery. The roots of the brachial plexus travel posterior towards it. The phrenic nerve traverses its anterior surface. Due to its intimate attachments [...]

Intertubercular Groove

By | 2018-02-21T09:15:01+00:00 February 21st, 2018|Anatomy, Areas, Upper Limb|

A deep intertubercular sulcus a.k.a. bicipital groove or intertubercular groove divides the lesser and greater tubercles and afterwards proceeds interiorly over the proximal shaft of the humerus. The tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii travels via this sulcus. It contains: Long head of biceps, surrounded in the synovial sheath. Ascending division of [...]

Glenoid Cavity

By | 2018-02-20T09:16:26+00:00 February 20th, 2018|Anatomy, Areas, Upper Limb|

The scapula is a flat triangular bone and consists of three processes: the glenoid process, the acromial process, along with the coracoid process. The lateral angle of the scapula is represented by a shallow, somewhat comma-shaped glenoid cavity, which interconnects along with the head of the humerus in order to create the glenohumeral joint. [...]

Dorsal Scapular Artery

By | 2018-02-22T09:31:03+00:00 February 14th, 2018|Anatomy, Arteries, Upper Limb|

It appears from the 3rd part of the subclavian artery (but may be the deep branch of the transverse cervical artery). As a direct branch of the subclavian artery, it enters laterally and backwards between the trunks of brachial plexus to reach underneath the levator scapulae. Now it descends along the medial border of the [...]

Flexor Digitorum Superficialis

By | 2018-02-14T09:40:48+00:00 February 12th, 2018|Anatomy, Muscles, Upper Limb|

The flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) is the biggest muscle of the superficial group of muscles on the front of the forearm. It creates the intermediary muscle layer in between the superficial and deep groups of the forearm muscles. Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Origin It emerges by two heads: humeroulnar head, via the [...]


By | 2018-02-15T06:03:03+00:00 January 19th, 2018|Anatomy, Bones and Cartilages, Upper Limb|

The trapezium is the outmost of the second row of carpal bones. When seen in its dorsal or palmar part it shows a rhombic type; however much open and cropped with the lower angle. Structure Trapezium Among the four protuberances that provide connection to the anterior annular ligament, its anterior surface [...]

Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus

By | 2018-02-01T07:04:12+00:00 January 17th, 2018|Anatomy, Muscles, Upper Limb|

The extensor carpi radialis longus muscle emerges from the lateral epicondyle of the humerus and the distal part of the supraepicondylar rim; its tendon enters on the dorsal side of the base of metacarpal II. In proximal areas, it is deep to the brachioradialis muscle. The wrist is expanded and abducted by the extensor carpi [...]

Conoid Tubercle

By | 2018-02-01T07:27:22+00:00 January 16th, 2018|Anatomy, Areas, Upper Limb|

The conoid tubercle is a bony protrusion at the inferior surface of the lateral third of the clavicle. Location The conoid tubercle is located near the posterior border on the junction of the lateral one-fourth along with medial three-fourth of the clavicle on the inferior surface. The trapezoid ridge spreads forwards as well as laterally [...]

Anterior Circumflex Humeral Artery

By | 2018-02-01T08:32:36+00:00 January 11th, 2018|Anatomy, Arteries, Upper Limb|

The anterior circumflex humeral artery is smaller than the posterior circumflex humeral artery, but is a branch of axillary artery as well. Origin The anterior circumflex humeral artery emerges from the lateral side of the third part of the axillary artery. Insertion It anastomoses with the posterior circumflex humeral artery after it passes anterior towards [...]


By | 2018-02-12T10:42:56+00:00 January 10th, 2018|Anatomy, Muscles, Upper Limb|

Anconeus connects the medial aspect of the ulna to the lateral aspect of the humerus and is a short triangular elbow muscle. It is occasionally classified as a branch of the triceps brachii muscle, due to its location and functionality. Anconeus Muscle Origin It arises from the lateral epicondyle of the [...]