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Conoid Tubercle

The conoid tubercle is a bony protrusion at the inferior surface of the lateral third of the clavicle.


The conoid tubercle is located near the posterior border on the junction of the lateral one-fourth along with medial three-fourth of the clavicle on the inferior surface. The trapezoid ridge spreads forwards as well as laterally through conoid tubercle.


Conoid Tubercle

Conoid Tubercle

• The conoid tubercle gives the attachment for the conoid ligament and is situated on the posterior inferior surface of the lateral curvature of the clavicle.
• The attachment of the trapezoid ligament is indicated by the trapezoid line that spreads out laterally from the conoid tubercle.
• A groove that extends over the central one-third of the inferior surface of the clavicle is medial to the conoid tubercle.
• The acromial end has a rough inferior surface that bears a ridge, the trapezoid line, and a slight rounded projection, the conoid tubercle above the coracoid process.

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