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The labia are the inner and outer folds of the vulva, which are present at both sides of the vagina. They are part of the female genitals and are the visible portion of the vulva. In humans, labia majora and labia minora form the two pairs of labia. The


Penis is the male organ of copulation that is traversed by the urethra gives passage for both urine as well as semen. It overindulges with the blood that makes it a capable of becoming tough and erect. Penis is necessary for entering into the vagina. Parts The


Prostate is a fibromuscular glandular organ encompassing the prostatic urethra. It is pyramidal-shaped. The various secretions of the prostate gland comprise of acid phosphatase, fibrinolysin, citric acid, amylase, prostate-specific antigen (PSA), and prostaglandins. Most of the seminal fluid is created by its secretions. The female homologue of

Sacrotuberous Ligament

The sacrotuberous ligament is a strong as well as wide strap of the fibrous tissue. It has narrow lower lateral end and wide upper medial end. Attachments The upper end is attached from above: Downwards to the posterior superior iliac spine, Posterior inferior iliac spine, Lower section

Anal Sphincter (External)

The external anal sphincter, which covers the anal canal, is composed of three portions deep, superficial, along with subcutaneous throughout the canal from superior to inferior organized sequentially and is created by skeletal muscle. Parts Deep Part The deep part circles around the upper portion of the

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