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Iliopubic Tract

The Iliopubic Tract is a fibrous band running parallel and posterior to the inguinal ligament which looks like the thickened inferior margin of the fascia transversalis. The iliopubic tract is observed in place of the inguinal ligament, when viewed from the posterior aspect.

According to Fruchaud, the inguinal ligament and iliopubic tract span a congenital area of weakness in the inguinal region.

Clinical Significance of Iliopubic Tract

This odd structure has actually been brought up to light since it is among the physiological landmarks used in laparoscopic herniorrhaphy. When protecting a mesh to enhance the posterior abdominal wall, as well as avoid mesh migration, the surgeon will put stitches, tacks, or staples in this structure. Given that the iliopubic system (posteriorly) and the inguinal ligament (anteriorly) are so close together, they are both protected when doing this treatment.

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