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A diagonal is a line segment which joins two vertices which are not adjacent. It can also be said as a line joining two corners of a polygon and is not an edge. The word “diagonal” is derived from ancient Greek word “diagonios”, where dia means “through”


A decahedron is a solid shape which is a polyhedron and has 10 faces.

Volume and Area of Sphere

Surface Area of Sphere Surface area of sphere is given by the formula. S.A = 4 × π × r² Example: Find the area of a sphere whose radius is given to be 5cm. S.A = 4 × π × r² = 4 x (3.14) x (5)²

2D Shapes

2D stand for two dimensional. A shape is said to be 2D when it has only length and breadth only. 2D shapes are flat while 3D shapes are not. Properties of 2D Shapes A 2D shape can be made of straight line or curves. It can have

Geometry Symbols

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