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A rhombus is a quadrilateral in which length of all the sides is equal. It is also known as equilateral quadrilateral since equilateral means that all the sides are of equal length. A rhombus looks like a diamond.

Properties of Rhombus

  • All sides are of equal length.
  • Opposite sides are parallel.
  • Opposite angles are equal.
  • Diagonals bisect each other at 90⁰.

Area of Rhombus

Area of rhombus can be calculated by 3 different formulae:

  • When the height and length of the side is given.

A= H x a

  • When the length of side and angle of side is given.

A= a² sin(A)

  • When the length if the diagonals is given.

A= (p x q)/2


The formula to find the area of rhombus is same as square because in rhombus also length of all sides is equal.

P= 4a

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