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Chromatin And Chromosomes

DNA does not exist as a naked double helix in the nucleus of a cell, however, is complexed with proteins to form a great filamentous material called chromatin. In many cells, the chromatin takes place as 46 long filaments called chromosomes. There is a stupendous quantity of

Abdominopelvic Quadrants And Regions

The abdominopelvic cavity is subdivided into either four quadrants or nine regions as an aid in locating organs. Upper right and upper left together with lower right and lower left constitute the four quadrants of the abdominopelvic cavity. The nine regions can be categorized as Hypochondriac, Lumbar

Stem Cells Types and Advantages

Stem cells are the primary cells capable of reforming themselves through mitotic division and differentiating into specialized cells. These cells serve as repair system of the body and are present in all multicellular organisms.   Types of Stem Cells Stem cells are of two types: Embryonic stem

Selectively Permeable Membrane Methods and Example

The plasma membrane is both a barrier and entrance in between the cytoplasm and ECF. It is selectively permeable– it permits some things through, such as nutrients and wastes, however generally avoids other things, such as proteins and phosphates, from going into or leaving the cell. The

Immunity Or Specific Resistance – Cell-Mediated Immunity And Antibody-Mediated Immunity

In contrast to nonspecific resistance, immunity (i-mu- ni-te), or specific resistance, is directed at specific antigens. An immune response involves the production of specific cells and substances to attack a specific antigen. Immunity has “memory,” that is, if the same pathogen should reenter the body at a

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