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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage of the Pelvis

This article explains lymphatic drainage of pelvis; it includes major regions like pelvis, perineum and genitals. Pelvic viscera Lymphatics from majority of pelvic viscera primarily empty within lymph nodes scattered nearby: Internal iliac arteries External iliac arteries Branches related to them. These then drain into nodes connected

Lymphatic Drainage of The Lower Limb

The inflammatory lesions of limb cause painful enlargement of the lymph nodes meanwhile blockage  of lymphatics by microfilaral parasites makes huge edema of the lower limb, that is the reason why the understanding of lymphatic drainage system has great clinical importance. Inguinal lymph nodes is the place

Lymphatic drainage of the Upper Limb

The lymphatic drainage of the upper limb follows the unnamed lymph vessels, which starts in the hand and run upwards in the direction of the axilla. When they reach cubital fossa, the lymph goes through cubital nodes. From here, lymph vessels run superiorly to drain into the

Thoracic Duct- Formation, Course, Connection, Tributaries and Development

The Thoracic Duct is the largest lymphatic vessel(trunk) or great lymph channel, which drains lymph into the bloodstream from the majority of the body. Appearance of the lymph in thoracic duct is milky white since it includes a product of fat digestion (chyle) from the intestine. Because

Superficial Lymph Nodes and Lymph Vessels

They are situated around the junction of the head with the neck. All the superficial structures and some deep structures of the head are darined by them. The majority of the efferent lymph vessels from these lymph nodes pass along the internal jugular vein, deep to cervical

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