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The epiglottis is a leaf-shaped flexible flap of cartilage located behind the tongue at the end of the larynx. One of the main function of the epiglottis is to protect the body from chocking by sealing the windpipe during eating, so the food is inhaled accidentally. Structure

Teres Major

Teres major is a thick and oval-shaped muscle that lies in the upper arm. Although having similar names, Teres major is different in terms of actions and innervation when compared to the teres minor. It’s main function is to facilitate medial rotation of the arm and it

The Pectoral Region – Muscles

The muscles of the Pectoral Region are: Pectoralis major Pectoralis minor Subclavius Serratus anterior Muscles of the Pectoral Region The Pectoral region is the one located on the anterior chest wall. Pectoralis Major Pectoralis major is the largest muscle of the pectoral region. Origin Pectoralis major muscle

Intercostal Arteries

Posterior and anterior intercostal arteries are responsible for the blood supply. Blood supply is abundant in the thoracic wall. 1 posterior and 2 anterior intercostal arteries (upper and lower) are included in every intercostal spaces. Posterior Intercostal Arteries There are 11 pairs of intercostal arteries, 1 in

Subcostal Nerve

It’s the ventral ramus of the 12th thoracic spinal nerve. It enters the abdomen behind the lateral precise ligament (lateral lumbocostal arch) and runs downward and laterally in front of the quadratus lumborum below the anterior layer of thoraco-lumbar fascia. At the lateral border of quadratus lumborum,

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