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Bring Tutoring Right To Your Home!

Level up your learning experience with Earth’s Lab where you get to avail services like quizzes, videos and a lot more with a user-friendly interface. Explore your preferred topics, diagrams and detailed information which are just a few clicks away and the best part of all this is you get all these services at one place itself and free of cost unlike many renowned websites working on the same project.

Our motive is to serve the required information in maximum possible detail and make it as simple as possible in terms of language and make it look graphically attractive so as to keep our readers completely satisfied.


Anatomy is a science which is directly associated with biology and medicine that studies about identification and description about human body. Extracting from the basics, Anatomy comes up from the Greek words “ana” means “up” and “tome” means “cutting” which explains that back in the time, cutting up or dissection of a body was needed to study about it. But now that we have advanced imaging technology, it is much easier to study about a human body in a much precise manner with no dissection or cutting needed.

Here with Earth’s Lab, you’ll have a wide range of detailed and accurate information about the anatomical structures, even the minute ones existing in a human body. With our closely prepared interactive human body interface and detailed research on every topic, we have tried to make your learning experience better and you will be updated with latest studies carried out all over the world to keep you a level up always.

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Health and medicine over the past few years have been defined in different manners and formats by different professionals but the most ideal and easy to adapt definition is “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and does not consist only of the absence of disease or infirmity” by World Health Organization (WHO) and this definition is globally accepted by many.

Earth’s Lab here tries to provide it’s readers a quality content in the field of medicines and health. Professionals here keep working on covering aspects like Diseases, it’s causes, symptoms and remedies that are easy to understand and apply it in day to day life without any professional supervision. We focus on latest databases related to health and medicine industry to keep you updated with the latest researches and remedies that are introduced daily to keep you accurately informed.

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Physiology is the study of life questioning about the internal workings of organs and how they interact with the world around them. Being a branch of biology, it is related to the function of organs and organ systems and how they work within the body to respond to challenges. From genetics to psychology, physiology has something to say about every aspect of life.

With Earth’s lab, you will unlock different levels of organisation of organs present in an organism like the digestive system and the respiratory system. Our user-friendly interface will make it easier for you to explore the different organs and their mechanisms. Our researched study for the smallest of the organs will inch you ahead of the rest in terms of the informative data about the organs, their working and their application.

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