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Mouth Ulcers – Causes and Treatments

PAINFUL SORES IN THE LINING OF THE MOUTH, KNOWN AS MOUTH ULCERS OR APHTHOUS ULCERS, CAN BE EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL. What is Mouth Ulcer or What are Mouth Ulcers? Mouth ulcers are extremely common, especially in young people and during times of stress or illness. They are slightly more

Asthma Disease in Babies and Adults – Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Wheezing and breathlessness caused by reversible narrowing of the airways in the lungs. More cases of asthma are being reported than ever before. Is this because we’re all more allergic than we were? Is it because, in towns at least, there’s more pollution? Or is it because we

Encephalitis and Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

  Inflammation of the brain leading to confusion and drowsiness. Causes of Encephalitis Any infection that irritates the brain can result in encephalitis. The most common cause is a non-specific viral infection although it can accompany mumps and chickenpox. Probably the headache so common with these viral illnesses

Alzheimer’s Disease and Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A progressive brain disease with loss of recent memory, confusion and eventually dementia. It’s standard to become slightly forgetful with increasing age, but serious damage of brief¬term recollection may be an indication of Alzheimer’s disease, in which brain cells gradually degenerate and deposits of an abnormal protein develop

Human Eyes

The sensory cells of the eye are an extension of the brain, budding out from the brain during fetal development. The eye shows less growth than any other organ between birth and adulthood. The eye is sensitive to light, which is focused through the cornea and the

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