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Catarrh and its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Catarrh is Sticky mucus that builds up in the nose or throat. Causes of Catarrh Mucus is a natural product of the body and protects against infection by trapping germs. In the nose, throat and airways of the lungs there is an elegant system which produces a thin

Stroke and Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A brain injury occurring as the result of some kind of interference with blood flow within the brain. Causes of Stroke The brain relies on a constant flow of oxygen-rich blood via the carotid arteries in the sides of the neck and the vertebral arteries up the back


In Developed countries, as advances in medicine and surgical techniques have reduced the threat from fatal birth injury, malnutrition and infections, so health promotion and accident prevention have been given greater resources. Physical danger has always taken its toll on human society; archaeological remains often show old

Atherosclerosis – Causes, Risk, Treatment, Diagnosis and Tests

Furring up of the walls of the arteries with cholesterol and other fatty substances that cause them to narrow is a serious condition called atherosclerosis. What is Atherosclerosis? When the arteries of the heart and brain are affected by atherosclerosis, many common symptoms and diseases develop. In

Meniere’s Disease and Its Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

In meniere’s disease, the fluid in the inner ear increases from time to time. The raised pressure in the inner ear disturbs the organs of hearing and balance, causing sudden attacks of ringing in the ears and severe dizziness. Attacks of Meniere’s disease occur suddenly and may

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