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Large Intestine

The Large Intestine is amde up of caecum, colon, rectum and anus. The length of the large intestine goes about 1.5 m. It starts from the caecum to its right, iliac fossa to the anus in the perineum. As compared to the small intestine, it is more

External Oblique

It emerges from external surfaces and inferior boundaries of the lower eight ribs that consists of the area between rib five to rib twelve, on an anteriorly rounded oblique line running downward as well as backwards on the side of the rib cage. Insertion Its insertion is

Arch of Aorta – Course, Connection, Branches and Development

The ascending aorta extends itself as the Arch of aorta at sternal angle level and it further extends itself as descending thoracic aorta at sternal angle. So the beginning and ending is at level of sternal angle. Its location is in the superior mediastinum. Near the left


Synonym: Splen (in Greek); Lien (in Latin). Spleen is the largest lymphoid organ in the body (strictly speaking a hemolymphoid organ). The chief functions of the spleen are: To filter blood by removing worn out RBCs and microbial agents from the circulation. To fabricate RBCs in fetal

Left Colic Artery

The left colic artery is a branch of the inferior mesenteric artery that runs to the left behind the peritoneum and in front of the psoas major muscle. It supplies blood to the descending colon. Origin and Pathway Generally the left colic artery begins from the inferior

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