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Fascia Transversalis

Fascia Transversalis is the inner outermost layer of the transversus abdominis muscle which is lined by a thin layer of fascia. Anterior and posterior surfaces of each of the three flat muscles is covered by a layer of deep (or investing) fascia. Generally, the layer deep to

Superior Mesenteric Artery

Origin Superior Mesenteric Artery is a major artery of the abdomen. It appears from the very front of the abdominal aorta supporting the body of pancreas near its neck in the level of L1 vertebra about half inch (1.25 cm) below the origin of coeliac trunk. Course

Anterior Longitudinal Ligament

The anterior longitudinal ligament is a strong band located anterior to the vertebral bodies and discs. Structure Along with bodies of remaining cervical vertebrae it expands anterior towards the anterior arch of atlas. It includes long and short fibres and is a strong ligament. The long fibres

Renal Artery

Renal artery is among the pair of large blood vessels that expand via the abdominal aorta and participate in each kidney. At the inner concavity of every kidney there is an entrance, referred to as the hilum, through that the renal artery enters. After travelling through the

Femoral Sheath

Femoral Sheath is the upper 3.75 cm of femoral vessels is enclosed by funnel-shaped fascial sheath. The abdominal cavity and apex unite with the tunica adventitia of the femoral vessels where the base of the femoral sheath is directed towards the upward side. The downward prolongation of the

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