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Digestive System

It can be helpful to think of the digestive system as a tube running through the body with an opening at each end, the mouth at the top and the anus at the bottom. The tube isn’t a neat, constant shape throughout its course. It swells into

The Functions And Characteristics Of Living Things and Life

The world around us includes a variety of living organisms with various looks and lifestyles Despite this variety, all living things carry out the very same standard functions:  Living things respond to modifications in their instant environment–Plants orient to the sun, you move your hand far from

Difference Between Anatomy And Physiology

Difference between Anatomy and Physiology is  that Anatomy is the study of structure and on the other hand Physiology is the study of Functions. Anatomy Anatomy is the study of structure: Anatomy, which suggests “a cutting open” is the study of internal and external structures of the

Human Body System Anatomy, Functions, Facts And Relation

The human body is complex, so it is not unexpected that there are numerous levels of structural organisation for the benefit of description, the human body can be thought about to be functionally arranged into different systems The levels of organization from easiest to many complex are

Body Planes and Sections

Many views of the body are based on real or imaginary “slices” called sections or planes. In studying the body or organs, you often will be observing the flat surface of a section that has been produced by a cut through the body or a body part.

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