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Action of the Heart – Cardiac Cycle

The heart is actually a double sided muscular pump. The right side pumps blood to the lungs and left side pumps blood to all the parts of the body. Every pump is created from an atrium and a ventricle.

Cardiac Cycle

The contraction of heart followed by relaxation is 1 cardiac cycle. The contraction of the heart is called systole and relaxation is called diastole. During cardiac cycle series of changes take place as it fills with blood and empties the same. Normally the heart beats 70-90 times per minute in adults and 130-150 times per minute in the newborn baby.

Clinical Significance

Tachycardia And Bradycardia

The increased heart rate (rapid pulse) is referred to as Tachycardia and decreased heart rate (slow pulse) is referred to as Bradycardia.


The irregular heart rate (irregular pulse) is termed arrhythmia.

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