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Databases and Database Management System

Databases and database systems are an essential component of life in modern society. Every day most of us perform several activities that involve some interaction with a database. If we go to the bank to deposit or withdraw funds, if we make a hotel or airline company

Relational Algebra and RDBMS

The relational algebra is essential for several reasons. First, it offers a formal structure for relational model operations. Second, and perhaps more important, it is used as a basis for implementing and optimizing queries in the query processing and optimization modules that are important parts of relational

SQL – Structured/Standardized Query Language

The SQL language could be considered among the significant reasons for the commercial success of relational databases. Due to the fact that it ended up being a standard for relational databases, users were less concerned about moving their database applications from various other types of database systems–

Tuple Relational Calculus

This article introduces the language called tuple relational calculus, and another article will feature a variation called domain relational calculus. In both variations of relational calculus, we create one declarative expression to specify a retrieval request; hence, there is no description of how, or in what order,

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