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Dense Connective Tissue

Like loose connective tissues, dense connective tissues help binding tissues together and offering assistance for organs Nevertheless, dense connective tissue has far less cells and ground substance and more various, thicker, and “denser” protein fibers. These tissues likewise include far less blood vessels than loose connective tissues There are 3 types of dense connective tissue: dense regular connective tissue, dense irregular connective tissue, and elastic connective tissue.

Dense Regular Connective Tissue

Dense routine connective tissue is identified by an abundance of securely loaded collagen fibers and fairly couple of cells The collagen fibers exist in big packages that are “frequently” set up, indicating they are normally parallel to each other. Fibroblasts lie in rows between the collagen packages. This tissue displays fantastic strength when stress is used in the very same direction as the collagen packages, indicating this tissue can endure damage when stress is used in one direction however not when stress is used in several instructions. Dense routine connective tissue is the primary tissue in structures such as (1) ligaments, which connect bones to bones, and (2) tendons, which connect skeletal muscles to bones.

Dense Irregular Connective Tissue

Dense irregular connective tissue is comparable in structure to dense regular connective tissue, other than for the organization of the collagen packages. In this tissue, the collagen packages are “irregularly” set up, indicating they are oriented in several instructions throughout the tissue The irregular plan permits this tissue to withstand tearing when stress shows up from several instructions. Thick irregular connective tissue can be discovered in (1) the deep layer of the skin (dermis), (2) the joint pills surrounding easily movable joints, (3) the membranes surrounding bone, cartilage, and the heart, (4) heart valves, and (5) membrane pills surrounding some internal organs.

Elastic Connective Tissue

An abundance of elastic fibers in the matrix differentiates elastic connective tissue Collagen fibers are likewise present and fibroblasts are spread between the fibers. Elastic connective tissue happens where extensibility and flexibility are useful, such as in the lungs, airway, vocal folds, and arterial walls. For instance, elastic connective tissue makes it possible for the growth of the lungs as air is breathed in and the recoil of the lungs as air is breathed out.

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