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Genital warts: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Measures

Genital Warts, Like Warts On The Hands Or Feet, Are Brought On By A Virus, In This Instance The Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Genital warts grow in and around the entry of the vagina and the anus and on the organ. They could be transmitted sexually or they can I simply grow in the genital region substantially as they grow on other parts of the body. Genital warts can be as miniature as pin heads or take on a distinctly cauliflower-like look.

A guy may not really understand he has a wart because it may be concealed inside the urethral opening, and a girl can have a wart deep inside the vagina which she doesn’t understand about. There may be an period of up to 18 months between disease and the Look of the warts. You shouldn’t Reflexively presume you’ve found them from a recent sexual contact.

Warts are spread through skin-to-skin contact. If you’ve got sex or genital contact with | someone who has genital warts you may develop them also. Not everyone who comes | into contact with the virus will develop warts. As with all diseases, the immune system plays an important part, so if this is depressed in any manner (for example during pregnancy, due to HIV or to usually being run down), the warts can be hard to treat.


Genital warts may occur singly or in groups; an person may have tons of warts or only one or two.
They may itch but are generally painless.
Frequently there are not any other symptoms and the warts may be hard to see.
In women, warts can grow inside the vagina and on the cervix; warts on the cervix may cause minor bleeding or, very rarely, an Uncommon-coloured vaginal discharge.
In men, warts on the scrotum or shaft of the penis generally resemble the common warts that appear on the hands.
Under the foreskin and round the anal region, they can be generally a shiny pinkish white.
A physician or nurse can generally tell whether you’ve got genital only warts by searching. If warts are supposed but not clear, the physician may use a weak vinegar-like alternative to the outside of the genital region. This turns any warts white.

General Guidance

Disease with the human papilloma virus is common. Condoms offer some protection but it’s far better seek guidance from
As warts are sexually transmitted it’s consistently worth:

  • practising safe sex
  • having a check up to exclude other sexuali transmitted diseases
  • ensuring your partner is conscious that you’ve HPV and understands what to be aware of in case he or she grows genital warts all girls ensuring they’re part of the routine (three-annual) cervical screening programme.

Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer

In girls, an organization between the human papillomavirus (HPV) and the growth of cancer of the cervix was created. Cervical cancer is more common in girls who suffer from HPV than in the remaining portion of the people. It’s incredibly important for any girl who has either suffered from genital warts herself or has had unprotected sex with a guy with genital warts to have regular smear tests.

Safety First

Go to your physician or closest STD or genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic for a diagnosis and treatment.
Avoid sexual intercourse or use condoms for 12 weeks after the warts have gone.
Condoms will merely shield against the wart virus if they cover all the affected regions.
As with herpes, genital warts can be transmitted through non-penetrative sex if regions on the outside of the genitals are changed.


You shouldn’t make an effort to treat genital warts yourself. There are several different treatments and the option is dependent upon several variables, for example, look and site of the warts. Not all treatments work constantly and your physician may should choose an option after the first. A number of these treatments kill the cells that are infected with the virus, making little sores that heal around.

Podophyllotoxin Solution And Podophyllotoxin Lotion (Warticon)

This treatment can be used in the practice or at home by the patient. An average course of treatment lasts up to four weeks.

Podophyllin Option

This treatment needs to be administered by clinical staff. It must be washed off by the
Person within four hours because it’s poisonous and can irritate the surrounding skin if left in contact for too long.

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid)

This is a caustic substance applied to the warts by the practice staff.

Immune Response Modifiers (Imiquimod)

These improve the immune system’s skill to fight the virus in charge of genital warts.


This includes freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen by clinical staff. This kills the cells in the wart and some of the surrounding skin.

Cauterizing (Hyfrecation)

This includes burning of the warts by clinical staff with an electrically heated probe, after numbing the area with local anaesthetic.

Laser Treatment

This may be done under general or local anaesthetic at the practice – useful for treating big warty places. The heat of the laser kills the cells.


Surgical removal of warts may be done under general anaesthetic in hospital.

Where Can You Get Genital Warts Treated?

Treatment can be found at local STD or GUM clinics. These practices don’t require referral from your general practitioner and offer fully private free treatment. The telephone numbers are accessible from Yellow Pages, local hospitals or GP surgeries.
Some general practitioners may offer facilities for the identification and treatment of visible genital warts.
Family planning practices may also offer guidance and tell you where your closest STD or GUM clinic is.

Word of Warning

Don’t attempt to treat warts in the genital region with the wart lotions you can purchase from the chemist. These are for use on the hands only.

Warts can vanish of their own accord. On the other hand, the issue hasn’t always Vanished. As the virus can stay in die skin, warts may reoccur.

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