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Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) – Causes, Treatment and Measures

Some folks have blood pressure that’s persistently below standard amounts. In many conditions, however, such low blood pressure or hypotension is healthy and the more your blood pressure is on the low side the more healthy your heart will be.

Except in really old individuals blood pressure that is low so needn’t be treated. A common kind of low blood pressure is postural hypotension, in which sitting up or abruptly standing leads to lightheadedness or fainting. Several drugs can cause this, including those for high blood pressure. Shock is a serious type of low blood pressure due to accelerated loss of blood or fluids or a heart attack, and needs crisis treatment.

What Are The Reasons For Low Blood Pressure?

Dehydration subsequent reduction of considerable amounts of salts or fluid from the body will lower the blood pressure. For instance, significant perspiration, loss of blood or profuse diarrhoea may cause varying amounts of low blood pressure.

What Are The Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure?

Unless your blood pressure is quite low you may have no symptoms. Symptoms that do occur may comprise:

• Exhaustion
• general weakness
• lightheadedness and fainting
• blurry eyesight
• nausea.


But because the blood pressure is too low to provide an adequate blood supply to vital organs if no heartbeat is present, it can be deadly. The low blood pressure that follows a heart attack, acute heart failure and serious cardiac arrhythmias must be
treated in an intensive care unit as life is threatened.

Self Help For Postural Hypotension

1. Sit and rest for a couple of minutes.
2. Slowly lower your legs over the side of the bed and wait a couple of minutes.
3. Stand holding securely onto a seat or the bedhead to steady yourself.

These symptoms are generally temporary, and blood pressure increases when the cause is treated

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