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Painful Intercourse In Girls | (Dyspareunia) – Causes and Treatment

Painful sex in girls, also called dyspareunia, is pain experienced In the genital or pelvic area during sex. Many girls experience Distressing sexual intercourse sooner or later in their own lives.

The pain may be superficial, in the vulva or vagina, or deep in the pelvis. It may have either a mental or a physical cause.

What Are The Causes?

For many girls, superficial pain during sexual intercourse may be brought on by emotional variables, for example anxiety disorders, remorse, or fear of sexual penetration. These variables can additionally Effect in Vaginismus.

A pretty common cause is vaginal dryness, particularly in girls of premenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal age. Superficial pain during sex may additionally be brought on by diseases of the urinary tract or the genitals.

Pain that’s felt deep within the pelvis during sex may be because of illness of the pelvic cavity or of the pelvic organs, like pelvic inflammatory disease.


If you believe your pain is because of vaginal dryness brought on by deficiency of arousal, speak with your partner about spending more hours on foreplay. You could also attempt a lubricating jelly. In menopausal women oestrogen creams or pessaries fit into the vagina help immensely.

What might the physician do?

If you consult your physician, she or he may get swabs from your vagina and cervix to test for disease and may organize for ultrasound scanning and computerized tomography (CT) scanning of the pelvis to search for abnormalities. If none are discovered you must consider the cause could be emotional.



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