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Vaginismus – Causes, After Effect and Treatment

Vaginismus is an involuntary spasm of the muscles encompassing the vaginal entry. It may occur when sexual intercourse is tried, but may also happen when the Girl attempts to add a tampon or goes for a vaginal assessment.

Whenever the guy attempts to penetrate his partner, the opening of the vagina closes up so closely that sexual intercourse is rather hopeless, and even a vaginal examination by a gynaecologist may need to be carried out under general anaesthesia.

What Causes It?

Most women with vaginismus believe they’re “too little” for sex, but this is hardly ever true. The fundamental cause is anxiety: fear of sex, anxiety about penetration, anxiety about pain, fear of reliving a distressing sexual encounter, including rape or

How It Affects Girls

Vaginismus is a standard cause of unconsummated marriages, and the couple frequently continue for several years before they do anything about it. Girls who suffer from vaginismus are terrified of sexual intercourse, so that any efforts at penetration are frustrating and distressing encounters.

Vaginismus may be connected with an overall lack of interest in sex, but this isn’t always true. Many such girls are sexually reactive and may have the ability to achieve climax when the clitoris is stimulated. They may also appreciate sexual foreplay, always providing that this Hoes not lead on to sexual intercourse.

To make sure that a girl is experiencing vaginismus, she should go to her physician, to exclude physical states causing an obstruction to the vagina that need to be treated.

The Effects of Vaginismus

Because involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles makes sexual intercourse hopeless, this may cause significant distress to both partners. Efforts at sexual intercourse, while causing the girl a whole lot of pain, may also frighten, humiliate and frustrate her.

Recurring failure at sexual intercourse makes any woman feel inadequate and may lead to anxieties that she might be’ gave up by her partner. It isn’t surprising so that such girls may make an effort to prevent sexual contact completely. The guy often becomes frustrated by his inability to penetrate his partner, and frequently Believes she’s rejecting him.

What Can I Do?    

The first phase in correcting vaginismus is to: reduce the stress associated with sexual

Sex. This should be done by using a relaxation technique.

  • The woman should lie on the bed, close her eyes, and relax all the muscles in her body, beginning from the toes and working upwards, until all the other muscles in the body are relaxed too.
  • When she’s completely relaxed, she should first picture being in bed with her partner, and then slowly raise the level of closeness until she can picture him penetrating her without this making her nervous. She may subsequently go on to the next phase.
  • This entails gently adding either one of her own fingers or letting her partner insert one of his fingers into her vagina, whichever Generates less stress. The finger should stay there rather still until all her feelings of distress have subsided. Subsequently the finger should be moved forwards and back in the vagina until she can take this without any suffering.
  • The next phase is the insertion of two fingers, and supplying that this is successful, the girl or the couple can then try moving the fingers round and round in her vagina. It’s helpful if she can be supported to make do with her feelings of distress instead of preventing them.
  • Sexual intercourse must on no account take place until the girl can stand her own or her partner’s fingers in the vagina with no suffering whatsoever. It’s helpful if she learns to tense and relax her vaginal muscles because this gives her the feeling that she’s got some control over her own vagina. Pelvic floor exercises show a girl where her vagina is and let her feel it tightening up afterward loosening.
  • Additionally, it’s helpful if she “bears down” when her partner adds the member for the very first time.
  • It’s incredibly significant that the first attempt at sexual intercourse should be carried out quite gradually, with the help of a lubricating jelly.
  • The girl should direct the guy’s dick into her vagina, and once added, it should be held there without any motion happening in any respect. He then should begin slow throwing motions at her sign, and should withdraw his penis immediately she needs him to do so.
  • All these phases may have to be duplicated repeatedly before she’s sufficiently assured to let regular sexual intercourse to take place.
  • Throwing to orgasm shouldn’t take place on the first occasion which is much better for the couple to wait until they’re less concerned about sexual intercourse before either of them achieve climax.

If the couple still discover that they’re having difficulties with sexual intercourse, then it is suggested that they seek expert guidance from a seasoned therapist, after discussion with their GP.


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