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Accidents and Injuries in Old Age

Physical injury or death occurring as an effect of AUTUMNS, fires, car crashes, or other injuries in or away from the home. Accidental injuries are a leading cause of death among individuals older than age 65, and according to a report in MMWR, unintentional injuries are the seventh cause of death among adults age 65 and older.

Among elderly individuals, the largest amount of deaths from accidental injuries result from falls, and about 8,500 senior adults in the United States died from falls in 1996. The majority (60 percent) were adults who were 75 years or older. White men have the best rate of departure from falls, followed by white females. Black men have about half the risk of death from a fall as white men, and the danger is even lower for black females (10.1 per 100,000).

For elderly men and females of all races, the speed of departure from falls was the largest in the Midwest and was lowest in the Northeast, although it’s uncertain why this is accurate.

House Fire Departures Are Higher Among Elderly Individuals

Based on a study reported in 2001 in the New England Journal of Medicine, based on 7,190 fires and 223 injuries and departures in the Dallas, Texas, region, harms were greatest among people older than age 65 and among blacks. The fatality rate was highest among individuals age 65 and older and additionally

Kids younger than age 10. A deficiency of a smoke detector in the dwelling was another important factor in injuries and deaths from house fires.

Fracture Injuries

Particularly Hip Fractures

Accidental injuries are the main cause of FRACTURES and harms affecting the brain and spinal cord. Hip fractures are also a serious kind of Fracture, and adults age 65 and older in America endure an estimated 212,000 fall related hip fractures per year. Skull Fractures resulting in bruising of the brain, epidural or subdural hematomas, are quite serious. Rib Fractures can be dangerous if a lung is punctured.

Although more men die from falls than girls, as it pertains to Fractures, girls who fall are substantially more likely to suffer from Fractures. Actually, mature girls endure about 80 percent of hip fractures. The danger of hip fracture increases with age and girls age 85 and older are about eight times more likely to need hospitalization after a tumble than girls who are ages 6574 years. The speed of hip fracture hospitalization steadily improves with age for both women and men. The rate of hospitalization is, in addition, substantially higher for white old girls than for black mature girls. The data isn’t accessible for black old guys, but it can be presumed the speed is likely lower than for white men because the death rate from falls is considerably lower for black men. Hip fractures are an extremely serious issue because an estimated half of elderly adults who experience hip fractures won’t ever regain their previous level of function.


Motor Vehicle Injuries

Elderly individuals are more likely to sustain serious injuries or deaths in car crashes than younger individuals. Although motorists age 65 and older represent about 13 percent of the people, in addition they represent 17 percent of all car crash fatalities. A modest percentage of car crash fatalities among elderly individuals (16 percent) are pedestrians.

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