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Fear of Flying and Self Help To Get Rid of It

If you’re terrified of flying you’re in great business. Many famous showbusiness personalities and sports folks, including David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Dina Carroll, Birds of a Feather celebrity Lesley Joseph, footballer Dennis Bergkamp and boxer Nigel Benn, all understand what it’s like to run a mile rather than take to the air.

Many thousands of individuals suffer from pterophobia, fear of flying. It’s been estimated that 20 percent of the people are too frightened to fly. It can affect anyone, from young kids to pensioners, at any time. Most folks’s largest stress is losing control of them¬selves and running up and down the

aisle yelling. Turbulence and the airplane crashing are other important stresses. It’s no laughing issue enduring the distress and humiliation of palpitations, gastric upset, uncontrollable shaking and profuse perspiration.

Self Help

Below are some useful hints to ease your anxieties.

Don’t hesitate to let the cabin crew understand you locate flying hard. They’re likely to make an additional effort to make you are feeling comfortable and normally look after you.

Concentrate on getting through the next 10 minutes rather than stressing all the flight.

Wear loose clothes in layers in order to adapt readily to hotter or colder temperatures.

Breathe slowly and steadily.

Don’t drink booze as this makes stress worse.

Last but not least, keep believing that it’s all standard and not that you’re doing something unusual.

In addition , there are Fear of Flying one day classes accessible. A senior pilot describes the mechanics of flying, coping with security processes, preflight tests and what the various lumps and sounds mean.

After all the theory, you’re taken on a 45-minute to one-hour flight with the senior pilot speaking you through it.

A shrink is on hand to enable you to cope with any remaining tension or panic. One organization that organizes these classes maintains a 95 percent success rate.


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