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Migraine – Causes, Symptoms, Measures and Treatmemt

Migraine is among the most painful and disabling encounters you can ever have and can prevent standard life while the headache continues. Anyone can have problems with migraine no matter age, race, intellect or profession. At least 10 percent of the people are prone to migraine episodes.

There’s rather lots of signs that migraine and related condition such as asthma, hay fever, allergies and eczema, run in families. 8 out of 10 sufferers have a close relative with migraine.

It’s not only adults who endure – migraine usually starts in the teens or early 20s – and even young kids can be changed, but for most folks migraine burns out, generally when they’re 30-40 years old.

What Are The Causes?

The real source of migraine is most likely a change in brain hormones, resulting first in constriction of blood vessels (causing the flashing lights) subsequently dilatation (causing the thumping headache). There are many well- known causes that alter these brain hormones, the best known of which is serotonin.

How Long Do Migraine Strikes Last?

Migraine can change in severity from being a throbbing headache, usually on one side, which continues an hour or so, to one that’s so excruciating you must lie immobile in a Dark room for two or more days.

What Are The Symptoms?

Migraine symptoms can take various types.

Eyesight Issues

About 30 minutes before the beginning of the Headache you may see flashing lights or that lights have an aura around them. Part of your visual field may go dark. These symptoms can happen independently without a headache, in which case it’s called an ocular migraine.

Head Ache

Migraine is a headache plus. The throbbing or knifelike headache, generally above one eye, is followed by nausea (feeling sick), vomiting (being sick) and an aversion to light, sound and motion of any sort. More than one of these symptoms has to be present to be considered a migraine, but not all.


Occasionally sense and motion on one side of the body are changed – like a mini-stroke – and return to normal when the headache goes. This is called hemiplegic migraine.

Stomach Issues

Migraine where there are predominantly abdominal symptoms, including vomiting and belly pain, is called abdominal migraine and is common in kids.

What’s An Aura?

An aura precedes the headache and can be anything from twisted vision to “pins and needles”, or just an odd sensation.

Migraine In Girls

Many girls find that migraine forms part of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) due to the hormonal changes that take place monthly. Girls’s hormone levels change continuously throughout their reproductive lives, and this could be why more girls endure from migraine than men. There’s additionally menopausal migraine occurring when hormonal amounts sink as menstruation stops.

Migraine In Kids

Between the ages of 5 and 15, 1 kid in 9 suffers from episodes of migraine. Until puberty, boys and girls endure equally. Youth migraine can differ rather Radically from the mature type. Strikes tend to be briefer (occasionally just an hour) with the emphasis on stomach pain, nausea and vomiting; the headache can be light, even absent.

Young kids are quite often unable to describe the symptoms of migraine and may describe the way they feel as a “sick headache” or “a headache in my tummy”. As kids get older, stomach symptoms generally subside and the headache becomes outstanding.

The distinction from appendicitis can be challenging and kids are opened up unnecessarily.

Can Specific Foods Be A Cause?

Specific foods for example chocolate, cheese, fortified wine like sherry and port, and caffeine may trigger an episode. Missing meals, causing a fall in blood sugar, can precipitate a migraine episode.

Can Worry Cause Migraine?

A span of pressure is generally followed by a migraine – typically when you’re starting to unwind. If you’ve got a stressful occupation or really hectic lifestyle, you can frequently have a weekend or vacation migraine.

Can Lack Of Slumber Be A Cause?

An unusual sleep routine is a familiar cause of migraine. Lie ins or tons of slumber at the weekend in many cases are perceived as an excellent thing, but in reality are as much a cause for migraine Strikes as lack of sleep.

What Other Factors Cause Migraine?

Travel, weather changes, hormonal variables (in Girls), loud noises, bright or flickering lights, TV, theatre or VDUs, shopping and powerful Odors have all been known to trigger strikes.

What is The Treatment?

Everyone who endures has their favourite recipe for migraine, arrived at by trial and error over the years. For example, mine was Stemetil suppositories (prescription only) and a Dark room; my stepdaughter’s is Solpadeine additional strength, two capsules every four hours. A hard and fast rule is that any headsche can Grow into a migraine, so never blow off one.


Preventing a migraine and preventing the causes Make an attempt to be alert to your migraine Causes and avoid them as far as possible. You’ll have the capacity to see warning signs and Thus restrain the migraine episode better. You can fairly frequently abort a migraine episode if you take some kind of treatment as soon as you feel the aura, then the headache may never appear. If an assault begins, attempt to treat it as fast as possible with a painkiller like paracetamol, the soluble type if possible.

Many variables are known to activate a migraine. You have to identify those that change you. Preventing these variables may help reduce the frequency and severity of assaults.

  • Keep a diary for several weeks to help nail cause variables.
  • Avoid any food you locate brings on an Strike. Common dietary causes of migraine Contain red wine, cheese (particularly developed cheese) and chocolate.
  • Eat often, because missing a meal may activate an assault.
  • Follow a regular sleep routine if possible, because altering it may trigger an attack.
  • If anxiety is a cause, you may find it helpful to attempt relaxation exercises.
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