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Cold Sores – Symptoms, Causes, Measures and Treatment

Cold sores are miniature blisters that form mainly around the nostrils and lips but occasionally also elsewhere on the face. The blisters break open and weep before they crust over and vanish.

Cold sores are brought on by the herpes simplex virus, of which there are two types: type 1, which causes most cases of facial cold sores, and type 2, which causes about 70-80 percent of instances of genital herpes. A rise in skin temperature – possibly due to a cold, or by going out in the sunshine – activates the virus. The first attack may take the kind of debilitating mouth ulcers. Following attacks require the type of skin blisters. Most cold sores last about 10—14 days. Cold sores aren’t serious unless they happen near the eye, where they may infrequently cause an ulcer to form on the front of the eyeball.

What Are The Symptoms?

  • Lifted reddish region, generally around the nostrils and lips, which tingles and feels itchy. Miniature blisters subsequently form immediately.
  • Weeping blisters, which then crust over.

What Should I Do First?

  • Once blisters have formed, don’t touch them.
  • Surgical spirit dabbed on the cold sores will dry them up (take care, it may burn). I’m more in favour of a soothing lotion, such as petroleum jelly, to keep them damp while the virus runs its course.

Should I Consult The Physician?

Consult your physician as soon as possible if the cold sores become more reddish and develop pus-filled hearts, as they may be infected with bacteria. Additionally, consult your physician as soon as Potential if a cold sore is near your eye. Inquire your physician’s guidance if you suffer from Persistent cold sores.

What Might The Physician Do?

  • If the cold sores are infected, your physician may prescribe an antibiotic ointment that lubricates the region and treats the disease.
  • Your physician may prescribe an antiviral cream to distribute over the affected region often to include the attack. He may also supply you with antiviral pills if attacks are regular.

What Can I Do To Help?

  • Make sure you’ve got a private towel and face cloth.
  • Don’t kiss anyone. The virus can be transmitted this way.
  • If you have a tendency to grow cold sores after exposure to sunshine, smear a sunblock on your own lips or nose when you go out in the sunshine.
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