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Genital Herpes – Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Herpes simplex is the name of a virus that can cause cold sores or genital Sores. Determined by whichever piece of skin is infected.

Herpes is called a cold sore on the face but It’s possible for you to get it on the genitals or elsewhere. Cold sores in many cases are because of mom passing on the virus to her kids through kissing. In genital herpes the virus is transmitted through contaminated skin coming into contact with a partner’s skin – for example, during sex or from mouth to genitals during oral sex. It’s more common in girls because their genital Places are warmer and damper than men’s.

What Are The Causes?

Genital herpes was initially believed to be caused solely by the herpes simplex virus type 2, while cold sores on the lips were believed more likely to be due to herpes simplex type 1.

Yet, with the increase in oral sex this distinction is now clouded.

In Europe, genital herpes disease is the commonest cause of genital ulceration and it s growing among girls.

How Common Is Genital Herpes?

Blood tests reveal that most people have been exposed to the herpes simplex virus by the time we reach middle age. Millions of individuals are infected with the virus but likely only one quarter of those infected have symptoms of any type. Many folks have what’s called a subclinical strike – with no observable signs of disease and no bad effects. These individuals don’t understand they’ve been infected.

What Happens To The Virus?

After in the body, the virus can pull away to nerve cells near the base of the spinal column. If the virus is reactivated, it can return to where it entered the body and cause a recurrence. Not all individuals have returns; some have a few and for some the issue recurs from time to time. Typically the first assault is the most serious.

How Contagious Is It?

As you’d anticipate, genital herpes is highly infectious. New research suggests that the virus may also be transmitted by individuals who don’t have any symptoms. Symptoms appear between three and seven days after sexual contact with an infected partner


The herpes virus MAY have a part in the development of cervical cancer, so girls who’ve had genital herpes should have a cervical smear Evaluation frequently, preferably every year, though NHS guidelines state every three years.

What Are The Symptoms?

The genital skin senses oversensitive to the touch.

Itching and irritation around the genitals.

A general feeling of being unwell.

Head Ache.

Muscle aches and joint pains.

Stomach pain.

Shooting pain in the lower limbs.

Enlarged sore glands in the crotch.

Pain on passing urine.

Blisters appear within several hours, enlarge, Break open and become debilitating ulcers within wo or three days.

The ulcers form scabs and take 14-21 days to recover fully.

What Are The Causes For Genital Herpes?

Returns don’t depend on having Sex with an infected partner. Strikes can be activated by:

  • physical and mental strain
  • excessive cold or heat, including temperature
  • aggravation of fragile genital tissues
  • localized genital injury (e.g. rough sexual Sex, plucking or shaving pubic hair)
  • general ill health and other diseases such as a cold causing temperature.

What’s The Treatment?

Genital herpes should be looked at by a physician and not treated by yourself at home.

See your physician promptly if you feel numb or sensitive in the genital region or if you’ve had sexual relations with anyone with the herpes virus.

There’s no treatment for genital herpes but the Earlier treatment is given the more likely it’ll prevent or ameliorate an assault. Antiviral drugs, including acyclovir, taken as pills make the ulcers less distressing and support fixing if taken early in the episode.

Other treatments include washing the region with salt solution (a heaped teaspoon of salt to a pint of water).

Over the counter acyclovir cream shouldn’t be used to treat genital herpes, though it works better on facial cold sores.

Self Help

Consistently use a condom to protect yourself 1from genital herpes.

Painful blisters can be alleviated by a soak in a tepid bath with salt added and cold packs (notice) applied to the contaminated area.

To prevent genital herpes recurring get lots of rest and eat a balanced diet with nutritional foodstuffs – fresh fruit and vegetables, wholefoods and lots of liquids.

Handle anxiety by learning relaxation exercises or taking up yoga.

Wear loose panties so air can circulate and keep your genitals cool. Make the sores open to atmosphere as much as possible.

Maintain a record of when you get repeated episodes in an effort to discover a design. If, by way of example, returns are related to rough sex, try using a lubricant like KY jelly.

You could try taking 200 IU (international units) of vitamin E daily, which might enhance your body’s immune response.


Once you’ve got herpes it’s for life, so here are a couple nevers: NEVER have sex if you’ve got symptoms, except with the man from whom you got it (or who you gave it to). When both partners have the same virus they don’t reinfect each other. NEVER have unprotected sex with a Relative stranger.

NEVER have oral-genital sex if you’ve got a cold sore. NEVER be dishonest about your herpes. It’s best to be open about herpes simplex and tell your partner. And you must prevent skin contact when the virus is active. It may be simpler to Clarify that you occasionally get cold sores on your genitals.

NEVER be bashful to tell your physician about Potential contacts. Genital herpes and pregnancy

If you or your partner has had an episode of genital herpes, it should be recorded on your own medical notes, but you still ought to tell your physician if you have or have had herpes. Swabs during the last period of pregnancy aren’t any longer believed necessary as we currently understand the delay in getting the results makes it unnecessary. Caesarean sections are infrequently performed except when the mother is experiencing a primary disease. A mom’s antibodies protect her baby from becoming infected during birth.



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