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Blood Tests

Blood tests are one of the most often performed medical tests. The chemical makeup of the blood can tell a lot about a individual’s general well-being and more special evaluations can be used to support a diagnosis, screen for specific ailments or evaluate the extent of a disorder. Blood samples are readily obtained and are among the fastest methods for your physician to confirm a diagnosis or assess your well-being. Some common blood tests are described below.

Blood Cell Evaluations

Blood consists of three primary types of cell: red blood cells, which include the oxygen-carrying pigment referred to as haemoglobin: white blood cells, which help protect the body against disease; and platelets, which are cells that help blood clot. Blood cell evaluations take a look at the amounts and composition of these cells and can help physicians diagnose disorders of the blood, including anaemia, or bone marrow, for example leukaemia. Blood tests may also reveal signs of disease or inflammation because both cause the variety of white blood cells in the blood to increase.

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