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Blood Poisoning (Septicaemia) – Symptoms, Causes, Measures and Treatment

Blood poisoning, or septicaemia, is a rare disease in which bacteria multiply in the bloodstream. Fairly regularly we’ve bacteria in the blood (bacteraemia), but they don’t multiply

Septicaemia almost always happens when bacteria escape from a localized disease, including peritonitis, meningitis or an abscess, and is more likely to happen in individuals with a compromised immune system. It’s a complication of bacterial meningitis.

What Are The Symptoms?

The symptoms of septicaemia grow suddenly and include:

  • high temperature
  • chills and violent shivering.

If septicaemia is left untreated, the bacteria may produce toxins that damage blood vessels, causing a fall in blood pressure and widespread tissue damage. In this dangerous Illness, called septic shock, which is possibly life threatening, symptoms include:

  • faintness
  • cold, light hands and feet
  • restlessness and irritability
  • fast, shallow respiration
  • rash
  • jaundice
  • In many instances, delirium and ultimate loss of consciousness.

In some individuals, bacteria may stay on the heart valves, particularly when the heart has formerly been damaged by disease. This serious condition is called infective endocarditis. Seldom, septicaemia may lead to a deficiency of the blood cells involved in blood clotting (thrombocytopaenia), which raises the risk of bleeding and generates a characteristic purpuric rash that doesn’t blanch when a glass is pressed on the skin.

What Might Be Done?

If your physician suspects which you have septicaemia, you may be admitted to hospital for immediate treatment. Intravenous antibiotics are provided without delay and blood tests are done to identify the bacterium causing the illness. Once the bacterium was identified, specific antibiotics are given. With prompt treatment before the onset of septic shock, most individuals can make an entire healing.

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