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Wax Blockage and Its Treatment

Earwax is produced by glands in the ear canal and its job is to clean, moisten and protect the canal. If wax is produced in larger than normal quantities, it may cause a blockage and interfere with hearing.
Usually, earwax is produced in small quantities and emerges naturally from the ear. If the canal becomes blocked with wax, it causes a feeling of blockage, itchiness and sometimes hearing loss.

WARNING: Under normal circumstances the ear canal is a self-cleansing
organ and needs no special attention. Never use a cotton swab, hair grip or finger to remove wax from your ears -that simply compacts the wax, making it hard.

Treatment of Wax Blockage

  • Wax blockage can be treated with over-the- counter eardrops, and following the maker’s instructions will usually dissolve the earwax in about 4-10 days.
  • If the ear remains blocked, you should consult your doctor.
  • Your doctor will probably use a viewing instrument (an otoscope) to inspect the ear canal.
  • You may have the wax removed with a probe or suction device.
  • The ear may be gently flushed out with warm water from a syringe.
  • Wax blockage sometimes recurs after treatment because some ear canals just produce more wax than others.
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