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Travel Sickness

Travel sickness occurs when the balance organs in the ear are upset by movement, causing symptoms ranging from slight queasiness to vomiting and fainting.

Travel sickness is very common in some families. When the sensation of movement doesn’t correspond with what the eyes see, it causes confusion in the brain and may lead to travel sickness. The problem may occur, for example, if you ride a rollercoaster or travel in a car, boat or plane. Children tend to suffer from travel sickness more than adults, though why is not known; most outgrow it by adolescence.

Travel sickness is not serious, but it is inconvenient. With a young child there
is a risk that prolonged vomiting could cause dehydration.

Measures of Travel Sickness

1. Lie down flat.
2. Close your eyes to minimize the confusing signals being received by the brain.

Symptoms of Travel Sickness

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Pale, clammy forehead.
  • Weakness or dizziness.
  • Fainting.

Should I Consult The Doctor?

Consult your doctor if you suffer from travel sickness even on short journeys, or if proprietary
brands of travel sickness medicine do not help.

After questioning you about the symptoms and their frequency, your doctor may prescribe
a drug such as an antihistamine, though some antihistamines can have side effects such
as drowsiness.


  1. Prevent travel sickness by taking a travel sickness medicine before you start the journey.
    There are several good over-the-counter medications available from the chemist.
  2. Have a small snack before setting out. Don’t travel on a full stomach.
  3. Take plenty of drinks with you, or check that they will be available en route, to prevent
    the possibility of dehydration through vomiting. Fresh drinks can also reduce the feeling of nausea.
  4. Carry suitable “sick bags” (strong paper bags are best) in case of vomiting.
  5. Some people find copper bands worn on the wrist can help.
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