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Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) – Causes and Treatment

Impotence is inability to attain or maintain an erection. Don’t panic, it’s Quite common… Despite the fact that 1 in 10 guys over the age of 21 Suffers from impotence, very few realize how it appears.

Impotence can be a side effect of injuries, disease and most of all, of prescription drugs. This latter cause would fall into the group of medically-caused, or iatrogenic, impotence. A quarter of all cases of impotence appear as a side effect of drugs given to treat other illnesses. The list of drugs that can interfere with erection (see reverse) is extremely quite long. If you’re on any one of them it could be the cause.

Impotence can be a characteristic of many illnesses, including heart ailments like high blood pressure and angina, liver disease, thyroid disorder, diabetes, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

How Erection Functions

In youth, no guy worries about how his erection might operate. He requires erections as a matter of course and never anticipates his organ to fail him. But erection is rather a complex physiological occasion and a lot can FAIL.

The stiffness of an erection is dependent upon blood being pumped into specially constructed spaces (the corpus cavernosum) in the organ, in substantially the same manner as we blow up a balloon with air.

To keep the spaces full of blood, and an erection stiff, blood must be kept from escaping from the spaces by valves snapping close

Both of these events are controlled by nerves running down the sides of the member that are in directconnection with the brain. Therefore a guy can see a sexual picture and a split second after feel his erection start – the brain-member connection.

Any interference with that connection, or damage to the penile nerves themselves, can lead to too little blood getting into the member to bring about erection (or just a lax erection). Instead, once in the organ, the blood needed to keep turgidity can just seep away through leaky valves.

It additionally must be said that, if the arteries bringing blood into the penis get furred upward, there’s inadequate blood to elongate the corpus cavernosum and enlarge the dick, so erection will be a rather half hearted relationship. This could occur to any guy who has hardening of the arteries.

Given the significance of the brain in the complex circuit of an erection it’s not astonishing that mental or mental noise can interfere with a guy’s potency.

Given this interaction of the brain, the nerves and a healthy blood supply, it isn’t hard to see how the complex mechanism of erection could FAIL.

And go wrong it will, if anything damages either the well-being of the nerves and arteries of the dick.

What Are The Causes?


Any injury that includes a fractured member could, theoretically, cause impotence, either by damaging nerves, arteries and veins, or by causing scars to form when injuries recover that distort the normal human body.


It’s estimated that nearly half of all guys having operation to or around their prostate gland will get a level of impotence, in some due to nerve damage, in some due to scarring and in some due to leakage of blood away from the organ in veins that form as the outcome of operation.

Thus, if you’re considering having surgery for prostate troubles, ask your surgeon about his record of postoperative impotence.


Revolutionary radiotherapy treatment for cancer of the prostate, bladder or rectum can bring about impotence. The radiotherapy likely causes damage to the penile nerves.


Any virus has the potential to cause nerve damage, everywhere. But some viruses appear to go for the nerves supplying the penis.

The commonest ones are the mumps virus and the virus of glandular fever. Recuperate) may take 1-2 years but impotence may be long-term.

Dysfunction Of The Penile Nerves

Diabetes causes nerve damage and doesn’t spare the member. Impotence is common in diabetes.

Multiple sclerosis causes patchy inflammation of the nerves – occasionally in the member, which can cause impotence.

Motor neuron disease and a stroke may also damage penile nerves.

Hardening Of The Arteries (Atherosclerosis)

If you’ve hardening of the arteries subsequently the arteries supplying your dick are hardened also and you could experience impotence. Warning signals are: angina, high blood pressure, kidney disease.


The most moderate impotence is made worse by heavy smoking and heavy drinking.

What’s The Treatment?

Doctors break up impotence into two primary groups. First, guys who’ve never been able to make a satisfactory erection, and second, guys that have had a great and busy sex life, but who subsequently find they can no longer generate an adequate erection.

Guys in the first group must seek professional help as impotence may be the Manifestation of a deep seated psychological Issue that’s unlikely to react to Easy measures. Yet, most guys who Whine of impotence will drop into the second group and are likely to reap the benefits of a clear-cut strategy. Occasionally a couple have just to make a couple of lifestyle changes to find a astonishing development.


Time of day

Pick your moment carefully. The first significant measure when tackling impotence will be to make sure the guy isn’t overtired. Tiredness is passing to an erection.

Many guys discover they’re capable to create an erection in the morning, but that it’s rather hopeless for their sake to do so at nighttime. Additionally, it’s well to remember that alcohol may well raise sexual desire, but at precisely the same time, it reduces the ability to create an erection.

Reduce stress

It is quite crucial that you reduce the number of stress and in the early phases, the couple must not even try sexual intercourse and simply love each other’s bodies again without attempting to achieve climax. This way, the erection will be reinforced.

Anxiety about failure

Frequently the guy worries which he is not going to perform correctly and he’s over-worried about what his partner may think of him. It is quite helpful if the guy is permitted simply to focus all his energies on his own sexual desires instead of being over-concerned with what his partner is feeling. He should simply left himself to his own sexual feelings, and briefly think of nothing else at all.

A relaxing bathroom

It may be helpful for the couple to have a bathroom before trying sexual activity, or for him to ask her to put on his favourite cologne, as scent is an incredibly significant feature of sexual arousal. Some guys will discover that the playing of

Self Help

What you can do Sexual positions

I’d like to suggest you take a fresh look at the positions you’re using for sex. Traditionally, the missionary position has been the most popular with couples. This is where the guy lies on top of his partner supporting his weight on his arms.

For the old guy, this could be very tiring and for the girl uneasy if her partner is considerably heavier than she’s. Lying side by side with the guy behind is likely a more appropriate location as it’s less tiring as well as supplies the chance for maximum manual arousal.

Type of lovemaking

All girls understand that amazing orgasms can be reached without penetration. If a man transfers his concern from his dick to his partner’s enjoyment, he’ll go a ways towards forgetting about his male fixation with erection. Concentrating on non- penetrative sex is among the greatest treatments for impotence.

What about complementary approaches?

There are many herbal treatments that promise to help impotence. I stress the word “claim” because none of them has been actually examined: most of the evidence is anecdotal. They promise to “tone up the genital tissues” or “boost healthful testosterone generation” or “excite the circulation to the member”. This is all pseudoscience aimed at seducing you to purchase the products. And they’re not affordable. Most of them cost £20 or more. My guidance is to conserve your cash. soft music is helpful, others may choose to make love in the dark. You should use any measures that will likely raise sexual desire and remove anything likely to reduce it.

Allow it time

No two guys will react to these measures in exactly the same manner, and your partner will need to be patient. It may be several weeks before you can get an adequate erection. Take your time.

Erection Aids

There’s a broad variety of implants available, from comparatively straightforward, stiff supports to advanced pumps that can inflate a tube in the penis to allow it to be erect. These implants don’t raise a guy’s want for sex but they do make sex play and sexual intercourse potential. Again, your GP can help you here.

However tempting, I don’t react to newspaper advertisements if I were you. They promise the earth and deliver very little.


In 1982 it was found that some drugs when injected into the member could trigger an erection and this revolutionized the analysis and treatment of impotence. The most recent drug, alprostadil, loosens the muscles in the erectile tissue of the penis, allowing increased blood circulation, that is the foundation of a normal erection.


The thought of injecting the member with anything makes me wince, but guys do. Injectable alprostadil is accessible and it comes in a carton Featuring a syringe with the dry, sterile powder form of the drug. The solution must be carefully prepared and the right dose injected into the side of the organ through an extremely fine needle. Some suffering is common but it’s rarely bothersome. Overdosage may bring about a prolonged erection. Should the erection last more than six hours, seek medical advice.


Developed in the united states, MUSE (medicated urethral system for erection) is a reasonably new addition to treating impotence.

It’s alprostadil in the form of a little pellet. The pellet is shoved directly into the urethra by a urethral stick – so there aren’t any needles.

When this type of treatment is successful, an erection usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Not more than two doses are recommended in 24 hours. It’s accessible only on prescription.

Viagra Warning

There’s been lots of hoopla about Viagra but the truth is rather sobering. For Viagra to work, the member should have sufficiently healthy nerves and arteries. So while it may be worth a try if you’ve got diabetes, in trials, just half the diabetic men examined had an improvement in their own erections. If your pelvic nerves or pelvic arteries are damaged by an injury or by operation, Viagra mightn’t perform miracles for you either; the achievement rate is just 40-50 percent.

Along with regular nerves and arteries, you should have regular sexual desire for Viagra to work. If you don’t need sex, Viagra won’t give you an erection.

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