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Dowager’s Hump – Diagnosis and Treatment

As the bones of the spinal column slowly lose density, the vertebrae fall, causing the ribcage to lilt downwards towards the hips. A curvature in the upper back creates another curve in the lower spinal column, shoving the internal organs forwards. Due to the compressed spinal column, up to 20cm (8in) in height can be lost in serious instances. Constipation can be an issue, respiration may become laboured, indigestion and acid reflux are common, and pain in the lower back and limbs results from pressure on the nerves by the collapsed vertebrae. Finding clothes that fit is not simple and day-to-day life can become increasingly hard.

How Is It Diagnosed?

  • At the first hint of the menopause, generally long, heavy periods, ask your physician to order bone density evaluations.
  • If you suddenly start to endure upper or low back pain, you should ask your physician to do an X ray of your spine.

There are several ways of evaluating bone density, and a scan is considered the greatest predictor of fractures.

What’s The Treatment?

The purpose of prescription drugs, like HRT, is to stop bone loss, prevent further fractures, and replace or fix bone whenever possible. Once fractures happen, at least one third of bone mass has already been lost; in some instances as much as 60 percent is gone.

Non-Hormonal Treatment

  • Request your physician about calcium supplements. To optimize its advantages, calcium should be taken with other treatments, including HRT and vitamin D. In parallel you should raise calcium consumption through your diet. Eat lots of calcium-rich foods, including dairy products, canned fish with bones, like sardines, and vegetables like broccoli.
  • A drug called etidronate was demonstrated to treat efficiently confirmed spinal osteoporosis.
  • A new group of drugs called SERMS tor menopausal girls treats osteoporosis. In addition, it prevents heart disease but is unsuccessful against menopausal symptoms including hot flushes and dry vagina.
  • Vitamin D nutritional supplements increase the efficiency of your calcium supplements.
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