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A rectangle is a quadrilateral where every angle is right angle (90⁰). It can also be said an equiangular quadrilateral as equiangular means that all the angles are equal.

360⁰/4 = 90⁰

Properties of Rectangle

  • Each internal angle is 90⁰.
  • Opposite sides are equal.
  • Opposite sides are parallel.

Area of Rectangle

Area of rectangle is the multiplication of the length and width of the rectangle.

A= L x W

Parameter of Rectangle

The parameter of the rectangle is twice the times of sum of length and width of rectangle.

P= 2(L + W)

Diagonals of Rectangle

Diagonals of rectangle are equal in length and intersect in the middle. There are 2 diagonals in a rectangle.

Diagonal(d)= √(W² + L²)

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