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A cone is 3-dimensional shape which is formed by different line segments or lines joining to a common point know as apex of the cone. A cone has a base that s circular in shape that tapers to the apex forming a cone.

Properties of Cone

  • A cone has curved sides.
  • A cone be made by rotating a right angled triangle.
  • One end of cone is a circle.
  • Other end of the cone is point called apex.

Surface Area of Cone

  • Area of the base of cone = π × r²
  • Area of the side of cone = π × r × s

So the surface area of cone will be,

A = π × r × (s + r)

Where, (r) is the radius, (h) is the height and (s) is the slant height of the cone.

Volume of Cone

Volume of cone is given by

V = (1/3) π × r² × h

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