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Plane Geometry

In geometry a plane is flat 2D surface which has no thickness which goes forever in both the directions. Plane geometry is all about shapes which can be easily drawn on a piece of paper, like – points, lines, circles, squares etc. Objects which lie in the same plane are called co-planar.

Plane Geometry covers the following:

  • Quadrilaterals.
  • Polygon.
  • 2D shapes.
  • Angles

Origin of Plane Geometry

Most of the geometry comes from Greek. Euclid was a Greek mathematician also referred as the “founder of geometry” or “father of geometry”. Euclid made a great contribution to mathematics with his book ‘Element’. His work is marked as one of the most influential work in the field of mathematics.

What is a Point, Line and a Ray?

Point: It is defined as a particular or precise location on a piece of paper or a plane surface, represented by a dot.

Line: A line can be said a combination of infinite points together. It extends in both the directions.

Ray: When a line has starting point and no end point it is called as ray.

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