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Line Graph

A line graph or line chart represents information as a series of data points which are linked by a straight line in dot-to-dot manner. A line graph has a horizontal axis (x-axis) and a vertical axis (y-axis). Each axis is labelled as with different data type. A line graph is a very common chart used in many fields.

The axis is called “independent axis” because its value is never dependent on anything, hence time is always placed on the x-axis because it always moves forward independent of anything. More than one line can be drawn in a line chart to for comparison.

How to Draw a Line Graph

  • First step is to collect all the required data.
  • Create a table containing all the data.
  • Label each axis.
  • For the comparison of multiple items create a key.

Example: Muffins sold over a period of 7 days is shown in the table below. Construct a line chart from the table given below.

No. of Muffins Sold5062506087112150

1 Unit = 10 Muffins

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