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A Histogram is used to represent the data of a variable over a continuous interval. It is a precise display of the distribution of a set of continuous numerical data. Histogram was first introduces by Karl Pearson. It looks similar to bar graph but is different in sense that bar graph display values for 2 different variables and histogram relates to only one variable. A histogram unlike bar graph shows no gaps between the bars.

Steps to Draw Histogram

  • Divide the entire range of values into series of intervals called bins.
  • The bins must be of equal size and adjacent.
  • Choose the correct bin width.

Example: To create a histogram displaying the top ten women’s figure skating scores for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Yu-Na Kim228.5
Mao Asada205.5
Joanie Rochette202.64
Mirai Nagasu190.15
Miki Ando189.1
Laura Lepisto187.97
Rahail Flatt182.49
Akiko Suzuki181.41
Alena Leonova172.43
Ksenia Makarova171

We should plot the frequency of each interval: 2 between 170-180, 4 between 180-190, 1 between 190-200, 2 between 200-210, and 1 between 220-230.

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