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Dorsal Artery of the Penis

Dorsal artery of penis

Dorsal artery of penis


The dorsal artery of the penis is the extension of the internal pudendal artery. It perforates the anterior as well as superficial layer of the urogenital diaphragm near to the arcuate pubic ligament. It then enter in between the two layers of the suspensory ligament of the penis, the single centrally positioned vein splitting it via the artery of the other side.


  • The Dorsal Artery of the Penis rises in the middle of the crus penis and also symphysis pubis, then proceed in front of the sub- pubic ligament, and also via the compound of the suspensory ligament of the penis, to get here in the longitudinal groove on the upper side of the corpus cavernosum.
  • As it proceeds in this groove, it supplies the integuments as well as fibrous layer of the corpus cavernosum.
  • Having actually shown up as far as the glans penis, it interacts with its fellow of the opposite aspect both above as well as below, so regarding create a vascular ring, via which vessel is removed to the glans and the prepuce.
  • The corresponding nerve accompanies the artery pushing its exterior; and the dorsal vein, which prevails to both arteries, is discovered on the middle line in between them.
  • The dorsal nerve of the penis pushes its lateral aspect. At the glans the two dorsal arteries anastomose to surround the corona. In women, the ending of the internal pudendal artery is referred to as the dorsal artery of the clitoris. It delivers the skin of the corpus cavernosum penis.


The dorsal artery of the penis often comes straight via the iliac and enters along the aspect of the prostate gland, to come to its location.



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