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Superior Gluteal Artery

The superior gluteal artery emerges via the posterior trunk of the internal iliac artery inside the pelvic cavity. It exits the pelvic cavity along with the superior gluteal nerve via the greater sciatic foramen over the piriformis muscle. Inside the gluteal region, it splits in a superficial

Inferior Mesenteric Artery

Origin The Inferior Mesenteric Artery originates from the very front of the abdominal aorta behind the third (horizontal) part of the duodenum at the level of L3 vertebra, about 3-4 cm above the end point (bifurcation) of the abdominal aorta. Course And Branches After appearing from the

Superior Rectal Artery

The superior rectal artery normally proceeds in order to arrive at the behind the upper third of the rectum. At this moment, it splits into two vessels, adjacent to the lower portion of the pouch of Douglas as well as opposite the layer of S3. The bigger

Obturator Artery

The Obturator Artery originates from the anterior section of internal iliac artery in the pelvis. Through the obturator canal, it enters the adductor compartment of thigh. It divides into the medial and the lateral branches just outside the obturator canal. The acetabular branch that enters the acetabulum

Umbilical Artery

In basic terms, the umbilical cord is an evolving fetus’s lifeline. It is a versatile, tube-like construct which links a fetus to the mother’s placenta. The placenta is an organ connected to the uterine wall which, in turn, links to the mother’s blood supply. Origin The umbilical

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