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Obturator Artery

The Obturator Artery originates from the anterior section of internal iliac artery in the pelvis. Through the obturator canal, it enters the adductor compartment of thigh. It divides into the medial and the lateral branches just outside the obturator canal. The acetabular branch that enters the acetabulum

Internal Iliac Artery

The internal iliac artery is the primary artery of the pelvis. It supplies the pelvic wall, pelvic viscera, perineum, reprodductive organs, medial portion of thigh and buttocks. Origin The internal iliac artery emerges anterior to the sacroiliac joint via the common iliac artery. It is slimmer compared

Arcuate Arteries (Uterus)

The uterine blood circulation is specifically crucial for the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. A uterine artery emerges out of each internal iliac artery and travels via the broad ligament towards the uterus. It produces numerous divisions that perforate in the myometrium and create arcuate arteries. Insertion, Relations

Arteries of Pelvis

The Arteries that supply to pelvis are – superior rectal, internal iliac, median sacral, and ovarian. Superior Rectal Artery It’s the primary/main artery of the rectum and supplies whole mucous membrane up to the anal valves, and the musculature of the upper part of the rectum. It’s

Common Iliac Arteries

The aorta terminates at the fourth vertebra of the lumbar spine. Over there it splits within the right as well as left common iliac arteries. These two particular arteries travel down as well as to every side of the body for approximately five centimeters to the edges

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