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Arteries of Pelvis

The Arteries that supply to pelvis are – superior rectal, internal iliac, median sacral, and ovarian.

Superior Rectal Artery

It’s the primary/main artery of the rectum and supplies whole mucous membrane up to the anal valves, and the musculature of the upper part of the rectum. It’s the continuance of the inferior mesenteric artery (at the pelvic brim) and reaches the rear of the rectosigmoid junction opposite the S3 vertebra, where it splits into left and right branches. The right branch farther divides into anterior and posterior branches.

Internal iliac artery

The internal iliac artery is the primary artery of the pelvis. It supplies the pelvic wall, pelvic viscera, perineum, reprodductive organs, medial portion of thigh and buttocks.

Median sacral artery

It arises from the back of aorta just above its bifurcation and descends downward into the pelvis to end in front of the coccyx. It represents the continuation of primitive dorsal aorta.

Ovarian Artery

The ovary is primarily supplied by an ovarian artery which originates from the aorta in the level of L1 vertebra. It reaches the ovary after passing successively via the suspensory ligament of ovary, mesosalpinx, and mesovarium. It ends by anastomosing with the uterine artery. The ovary is also supplied by an ovarian branch of the uterine artery via the mesovarium.


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