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Male External Genital Organs

  • The male genital organs are classified into 2 types- external and internal.

From surgical and clinical perspective, the male external genital organs contain these structures:

  • Penis.
  • Scrotum.
  • Testes.
  • Epididymis.
  • Spermatic cords.

There are some ailments related to them that the doctors and surgeons usually diagnose during clinical practice. Precisely, phimosis, cancer glans penis, hydrocele, varicocele, hernias, testicular tumor, etc. Surgeons specially performs these surgical procedures related to these structures (example, circumcision, herniorrhaphy, etc).

External and internal male genital organs.



External genital organsPenis1. Copulation 
2. Passage for semen and urine
 ScrotumMaintenance of testicular temperature for proper spermatogenesis
Internal genital organsTestisProduction of sperms and male hormones
 EpididymisReservoir and maturation of sperms
 Vas deferensTransportation of sperms
 Prostate andProduction of secretions to seminal form the bulk of semen and vesicles provide nutrition to sperms
 Bulbourethral glandsProduce oily secretion for lubrication of urethra

Axiom: In men, the physical examination of the abdomen isn’t whole with no evaluation of external genitalia.

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