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Dural Sac/ Thecal Sac

The Dural SAC is the protective membrane of the spinal canal that encloses it and is located all-over spinal cord. The cerebral spinal fluid is also enclosed inside it, which is vital and helps in maintaining a fully functioning spine. It contains the spinal cord and within the lumbar spine, the cauda equina and shields these structures from the remaining spinal structures.

Dural Sac/ Thecal Sac

Dural Sac/ Thecal Sac

It ranges nearly up to S1 to S3 vertebral levels and is broader in females. It expands and shifts upwards at spinal flexion or bending forward, conversely, it contracts and turns downwards upon spinal extension.

Dural Sac is one of the constituents of the dura mater, which including the brain and the spinal cord is the outer layer of the many sections inside it and encloses the central nervous system tissues.


Clinical Significance

Dural Sac is often injured while epidural injections or spinal surgery that causes cerebral spinal fluid leaks. Chronic severe headaches along with dizziness, among other concerns are among the symptoms. The dural sac is occupied by cerebral spinal fluid and in MRI imaging reports for back pain, it is often included notably.

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