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Vertebral Foramen

The anterior section known as the body and the posterior section known as the vertebral arch create an opening or foramen known as vertebral foramen which is found within a normal vertebra. The spinal cord and its meninges are contained within the vertebral foramen. Together, the vertebral

Epidural Space

The space between the spinal dura and the periosteum lining the vertebral canal is called epidural space. It includes (a) tiny spinal arteries and (b) a network of veins-the internal vertebral venous plexus and Its filled up with loose areolar tissue and semiliquid fat. Spinal Arteries All

Tracts of the Spinal Cord

The tracts are referred to as after the names of masses of grey matter joined by them. Their names normally contain 2 parts (or terms), the very first term indicates the origin and second the conclusion of the tract. As an example, a tract originating in cerebral

Articular Processes

The neural arch consists of four articular processes, two superior along with two inferior. The superior processes protrude rather more from pedicles and articulate with the inferior articular processes of the vertebra above. The inferior articular processes articulate with superior articular processes of the vertebra below and

Dural Sac/ Thecal Sac

The Dural SAC is the protective membrane of the spinal canal that encloses it and is located all-over spinal cord. The cerebral spinal fluid is also enclosed inside it, which is vital and helps in maintaining a fully functioning spine. It contains the spinal cord and within

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