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The labia are the inner and outer folds of the vulva, which are present at both sides of the vagina. They are part of the female genitals and are the visible portion of the vulva.

In humans, labia majora and labia minora form the two pairs of labia. The labia majora, being the outer labia or outer lips and the labia minora being the inner labia or inner libs.



The vulva is appropriate as well as a technical name that is used to refer women’s outer genitals.

Vulvas have different shapes and sizes but they are hidden away and many people have never even seen their own. Labia (the lips or folds of skin that are present on either side of the vaginal opening) are resent in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures.


Above the labia minora, there lies a clitoral hood which is a fold of skin. This acts as a connection to the tip of the clitoris. The clitoris is full of nerve endings (15,000) and extends internally and the tip of the clitoris is usually the most sensitive area on the vulva and is the only organ on the entire body that’s only role is sexual arousal.

Labia Majora and Labia Minora

The labia majora (outer labia) and the labia minora (inner labia) are the two sets of labia that women possess. There are lots of other names for the labia minora. They can be called flaps or lips but, whatever you call them, the labia minora play a really important that is protecting the vagina and they also have many nerve endings providing sensation and lubrication during sex.

Labia Majora

The labia majora are situated in the pubic region of the body surface, lateral to the labia minora, clitoris, and vagina. They arise gradually from the skin of the pelvis and extend the mons pubis beyond the pelvic bones to the anus. Adipose tissue deep to the skin assists the labia majora and provides cushioning and flexibility to the pubic region. Together, the labia majora form the lateral borders of the pudendal cleft, the vertical fissure of the vulva. Anterior to the pudendal cleft, they join to form the anterior commissure of the labia majora, just inferior to the mons pubis. On the posterior end, the labia majora gradually merge with the surrounding skin in the perineal region at their posterior commissure.


The urinary opening is referred to as urethra, the tiny opening used for urinal s0n.


The vagina is the passage between the uterus and the external genitals. It another part of the vulva, but there’s a difference between them. The opening of the vagina is the only part visible from outside. Major portion of the vagina is actually on the inside and it leads all the way up to the cervix.

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