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Pubofemoral Ligament

The pubofemoral ligament is a triangular ligament along with base overhead and apex underneath. It is triangular fit, along with its own base connected medially to the iliopubic prominence, adjacent bone, and obturator membrane. Laterally, pubofemoral ligament mixes along with the fibrous layer and along with the deep surface of the iliofemoral ligament. The pubofemoral ligament is anteroinferior to the hip joint.

Structure of Pubofemoral Ligament

The pubofemoral ligament is made up of a singular fiber strap. Because of its slender structure, pubofemoral ligamnet is fairly delicate and injury-prone. It has a slender, triangular shape.

Pubofemoral Ligament

Pubofemoral Ligament

Attachment of Pubofemoral Ligament

The pubofemoral ligament is triangular fit and envelops the joint inferomedially. This is a flat, triangular ligamentous band whose pelvic connection is by means of a broad base upon the iliopubic eminence, superior ramus of the pubis, and the obturator crest and membrane. Via here it tapers as it angles inferolaterally to connect to intertrochanteric line. As it enters the front of the hip joint, it mixes with the anterior side of the fibrous capsule and the deep side of the iliofemoral ligament.


It mixes along with the capsular ligament and along with the deep element of the medial strap of the iliofemoral ligament.


Connected to the iliopubic prominence, superior ramus of the pubis and to the obturator crest

Relations of Hip Joint


Lateral to Medial
  1. Straight head of rectus femoris.
  2. Iliacus muscle.
  3. Lateral fibers of the pectineus.
  4. Tendons of the ilio-psoas separated via the joint by a bursa.
  5. Femoral vein lies on the pectineus muscle.
  6. Femoral artery lies on the tendon of psoas significant.
  7. Between the iliacus and the psoas significant Femoral nerve lies in the groove.


Below Upwards
  1. Tendon of the obturator externus covered by the quadriceps femoris
  2. Obturator internus and gemelli
  3. Piriformis.
  4. Sciatic nerve.
  5. The gluteus maximus.


  • Reflected head of the rectus femoris which is covered by the gluteus minimus (in the medial side).
  • Gluteus medius (in the lateral side).
  • Gluteus maximus (partially).


  • Piriformis.
  • Obturator externus.
  • Lateral fibers of the pectineus.
  • Gracilis.
  • Adductor longus.
  • Adductor brevis.
  • Adductor magnus.
  • Hamstring muscles.


  1. The pubofemoral ligament lies on the anterior as well as lower portion of the capsule. It runs in between the pubic bone and also an area around the lesser trochanter.
  2. Its inferior location makes it especially reliable for restricting hip abduction. It also helps the iliofemoral ligament in restricting hip extension goal external rotation.
  3. The pubofemoral ligament enhances the anterior along with inferior capsule, withstanding external rotation as well as abduction especially in extension.
  4. The ligament goes outside the capsule prior to it reaches the acetabulum.
  5. At the acetabular rim, fibers of the pubofemoral ligament mix with the proximal ischiofemoral ligament to reinrequire the inferior capsule prior to it enter anteriorly inside the capsule.
  6. The ligament has a ‘hammock’ look, running perpendicular to the zona orbicularis prior to mixing with inferior fibers of the iliofemoral ligament at its lateral insertion.
  7. The pubofemoral ligament is in some cases referred to as doing not have bony connection considering that the capsular portion of the ligament has no particular honv insertion.

Functions of Pubofemoral Ligament

  1. The pubofemoral ligament supports the hip joint.
  2. It avoids the joint via going beyond its typical variety of motion, front-to- back and side-to-side.
  3. It likewise restricts external rotation of the joint. However, other ligaments play a more vital function in restricting the external rotation and extension of the hip.
  4. The pubofemoral ligament is thought about to be a supporting component of the joint capsule. It strengthens the inferior and anterior capsule.
  5. Blending along with the inferior strap of the iliofemoral ligament, it ranges from the iliopubic prominence and superior pubic ramus to the lower part of the intertrochanteric line.
  6. The capsule is at its thinnest in between the iliofeethical and pubofemoral ligaments. However, it is crossed here by the tendon of iliopsoas.
  7. In between the tendon and the capsule is the psoas bursa, which generally interacts along with the joint cavity through an aperture in this part of the capsule.

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