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Joints and Ligaments

Pubofemoral Ligament

The pubofemoral ligament is a triangular ligament along with base overhead and apex underneath. It is triangular fit, along with its own base connected medially to the iliopubic prominence, adjacent bone, and obturator membrane. Laterally, pubofemoral ligament mixes along with the fibrous layer and along with the

Greater Trochanteric Bursa

Greater trochanteric bursa is located under the tensor fasciae lata along with the gluteus maximus as they merge to create the iliotibial tract above the greater trochanter. This bursa is localized to examine on the lateral part of the thigh on the junction of the lower side

Iliolumbar Ligaments

The iliolumbar ligaments exist bilaterally, and in each side they link the transverse process of the fifth lumbar vertebra towards the ilium. Each ligament expands through the apex of its transverse process towards an area on the anteromedial surface of the ilium along with the inner lip

Superior Pubic Ramus

The superior pubic ramus connects with the ilium along with ischium at its base, which is located toward the acetabulum and protrudes posterolaterally from the body. The sharp superior border of triangular surface creates part of the linea terminalis of the pelvic bone as well as the

Posterior Sacroiliac Ligament

The posterior sacroiliac ligament is situated in a deep recession in the middle of the sacrum as well as ilium at the posterior side. It is strong and creates the main link of union among the bones. Structure Parts The upper part a.k.a. short posterior sacroiliac ligament

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