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Iliopectineal Line

The iliopubic eminence possesses a margin known as the iliopectineal line. Iliopectineal line is created by combination of arcuate line from the ilium and pectineal line from the pubis. Inferiorly, the Iliopectineal line is divides the pelvis superiorly into the pelvis major or false pelvis and the pelvis minor or true pelvis. It creates the linea terminalis together with the sacral promontory.

Iliopectineal Line

Iliopectineal Line

Clinical Significance

Anterior Column Fractures

Generally, the lower fracture traverses the anterior border of the bone; the site of fracture of the ischiopubic ramus is located further inferior towards this.

  • It is normal for a portion of the quadrilateral surface to be detached as an isolated fragment and leaving the posterior border of the anonymous bone unharmed similar to the anterior wall fractures.
  • Disruption of the iliopectineal line appears in one location on the obturator oblique as well as anteroposterior views.
  • The femoral head gets dislocated in the anterior column fracture.

The lowest anterior column fracture can be differentiated from the general anterior wall fracture since, the inferior pubic ramus is fractured along with a single fissure within the iliopectineal line.

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