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Lesser Tubercle of The Humerus

The lesser tubercle of the humerus is minor elevation on the front of upper end of humerus, just above the surgical neck. The lesser tubercle of the humerus is  although smaller than the greater tubercle but is quite more prominent since it is situated in front, and is

Greater Tubercle of Humerus

The greater tubercle is situated on the lateral side of the humeral head. This tubercle acts as the attachment for the tendons of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor muscles. The greater tubercle is positioned laterally. Three large smooth sides represent its superior surface and posterior surface for

Anatomical Neck of Humerus

The anatomical neck is created by a narrow contraction directly distal towards the head of humerus. It is located near the head along with the greater and lesser tubercles laterally. It provides connection to the capsular ligament of the shoulder joint, except superiorly in which the capsule

Capitulum of The Humerus

In humerus bone, the lateral portion of the lower articular surface of the humerus consists of a smooth, rounded eminence, which is called the capitulum of the humerus. It is located laterally and is hemispherical in shape. The lower end of the humerus consists of several features:

Lateral Condyle

A condyle is a round protrusion which is located at the terminals of a bone. It is a portion of a joint and most commonly is an articulation with another bone. It is one of the anatomical markings or features of bones. Elbow joint The two articular parts

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