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Lateral Condyle

A condyle is a round protrusion which is located at the terminals of a bone. It is a portion of a joint and most commonly is an articulation with another bone. It is one of the anatomical markings or features of bones. Elbow joint The two articular parts

Medial Condyle

Located at the terminals of a bone, a condyle is a round protrusion, which most commonly is an articulation with another bone and is a portion of a joint. It is among the anatomical or indicating markings or features of bones. Elbow Joint The two articular parts

Olecranon Fossa

Olecranon fossa is a depression situated directly superior to trochlea, at the posterior part of the distal end of the humerus. The olecranon process of ulna fits into olecranon fossa during full extension of elbow. Olecranon fossa is the largest of all three fossae in the region.

Head of the Humerus

The humerus, a.k.a. the upper arm bone is the largest and longest bone of the upper limb. It is a comparatively thick bone with a large, smooth head at the proximal end and a number of projections a.k.a. “process” at the distal end. Proximal Humerus/Head The proximal

Anatomical Snuffbox

The extensor tendons passing into the thumb forms the triangular depression called “anatomical snuffbox” on the posterolateral side of the wrist and metacarpal I. In this depression, the ground tobacco (snuff) is placed before it is inhaled into the nose, in old times thus the name. The

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