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Capitulum of The Humerus

In humerus bone, the lateral portion of the lower articular surface of the humerus consists of a smooth, rounded eminence, which is called the capitulum of the humerus. It is located laterally and is hemispherical in shape.

Capitulum of Humerus

Capitulum of Humerus

The lower end of the humerus consists of several features:

  • Condyle, which consists of the capitulum and trochlea.
  • Epicondyles – Medial and lateral.
  • Medial and lateral Supracondylar Ridges.
  • Radial fossa, coronoid fossa, olecranon fossa.

The capitulum articulates with the head of the radius in the forearm. It is projected from the anterior and inferior side of the humerus and is not visible from the posterior side.

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