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Joints of The Digits

The joints of digits are:

  • Metacarpophalangeal joints.
  • Interphalangeal joints.

Metacarpophalangeal (MP) Joints


They’re synovial joints of ellipsoid/condylar variety.

Articular Surfaces

They’re created by heads of metacarpals and bases of proximal phalanges.


Palmar Ligaments

The palmar ligament is a fibrocartilaginous plate, that is more firmly connected to the phalanx than to the metacarpal. The palmar ligaments of second, third, fourth, and fifth MP joints are joined to every other by deep transverse metacarpal ligament.

Medial And Lateral Collateral Ligaments

These are cord like fibrous bands present on every side of the joint and extend from head of metacarpal to the base of phalanx.


  • Flexion and extension.
  • Adduction and abduction.
  • Circumduction.
  • Limited rotation.

Interphalangeal (IP) Joints

Both proximal and distal interphalangeal (PIP and DIP) joints are synovial joints of hinge variety. Their structure is quite similar to that of MP joints.


  • Flexion and extension.
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